Beginner's Guide to iOS Development: Building your First App - Part 2

An excellent step-by-step procedure for producing a fully-functioning iPhone application. This the second instalment of the App building tutorial from Jake Rocheleau over at It is illustrated the whole way through with screen shots so you know you are doing the right thing.

The app, with a tabbed navigation, will convert temperature units and distance units. Don’t worry if you’re still new to the Xcode. It doesn't take long time to comfortably adapt into the interface. Jake explains each step in detail so you shouldn’t get lost, either!

At the end of the tutorial you will get an application which can’t be pushed into the iPhone since it will need you to purchase developer program, but we can run it inside the iOS Simulator on a Mac OS X system. I’ve offered the project files for download which you can also refer when you are not sure about certain step. So you want an app, let’s get started!