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With Nothing on the Line, the Stock Market is Only a Game

Venturing real money in the stock market can be daunting if you lack Wall Street smarts. Most people pay a stock broker to do it because they don't trust their own judgment. But many inexperienced investors have found a fun way to gain investing experience without the anxiety in a virtual stock market simulator.

A virtual stock market game allows investors to get comfortable with the market and dabble with new strategies without putting actual money on the line. Smartstocks.com lets new members up for free. You begin with $1 million in what some would call Monopoly money that you can invest in real stocks as they show on the actual stock exchange. As the stock value rises and falls, your virtual worth does as well.

Not just a fun diversion - it's really invigorating to click the "buy" button and see $200,000 in stocks appear in your virtual account - it's a great way to learn without feeling like a classroom. Many finance teachers in high schools and colleges use the stock market game to give students real trading experience. You can create groups where you can compare and compete with a class or group of friends. Smart Stocks also has entertaining and educational videos and certifications to help participants learn the ins and outs of the market.

If you're just looking for the bragging rights, Smart Stocks allows you to see how you rank among all Smart Stocks players. The stock market game even awards prizes to the investors who make the best investments each month.

Of course without risking real money you won't make any. I still recommend using a stock broker to manage retirement accounts and other real money investments until you build up your confidence and stock savvy. But if you're looking for an educational experience, some meaningful competition, or just some good clean fun, Smart Stocks is worth a look.

Early Reading Educational Apps Your PK-1st Grade Kids Will Love

Early reading, pre-reading, call it what you want. Either way, it is an exciting and quite often difficult time. Fortunately, apps work beautifully to offer simple learning tools to encourage letter sense and writing and sight word practice. We list some of our favorites here.

You might find your kids wanting to use and re-use an app that you consider too simple. Remember, feeling successful is especially critical for early readers, so allow them to continue to review the things they know already as it just cements the knowledge, and makes them feel good. This learning is the cornerstone for all the rest!


1. iWriteWords

iWriteWords is a good letter forming tool for preschoolers and kindergartners. Your kid will practice spotting and writing letters, making use of their little finger to trace each letter. You can select upper as well as lower case. We like that it demonstrates correct directionality for forming each letter.


2. Bob Books #1
We have been fans of the hard copy version of these books since our kids just started learning to read. They are a series of very short books which advance step by step (i.e. the 1st book allows your pre-reader to read a whole book of words composed only with the letters M, A, T, and S). In this app, when your child clicks on a moving shape they are taken to an activity that supports them in spelling the name of the shape. It's a great, simple, and easy, effective app.

3. Pocket Phonics
We Phonics can be really good to practice hearing letter sounds, writing letters and sounding out short words. This isn't a gorgeous app, but it is helpful. You may need to show your son or daughter the button which says Play Sound, so they can listen to the actual letter sound once again before they select the actual corresponding letter. The graphic and spoken reinforcement is good


4. Teach Me Kindergarten
Teach Me Kindergarten offers strong practicing opportunity for sight words and spelling, and kids in particular like the rewards (you earn coins and may spend them to "buy" stickers to put on screen backdrops). This app keeps track of the progress of multiple players, and you've got the choice to decide on which subjects to work on.

5. Sight Word Bingo
Plenty of sight word and spelling opportunities here. This app consists of a spelling practice section, sight-word bingo (all Dolch sight words), and a couple of other sight-word games - each with fun incentives to earn a Bingo bug. There are grade level options (PK-3rd), and progress is tracked.

Prepare to Be Schooled With These Essential iPad Apps for Education

While your days of summer fun are over, going off to college doesn't mean you can't have fun anymore. With the right iPad apps, learning can be a lot easier and faster -- so you'll have time to play.

Gone are the days of lugging around books or pulling all-nighters in the library. Now, all you need is one sleek and portable device and you have practically everything you need to study where ever you want. Download our list of the most essential iPad apps and prepared to be schooled. 

Dictionary and thesaurus. Having a dictionary with you is very useful especially when you need to look up the meaning of a word. The dictionary application for the iPad can help you improve your vocabulary significantly. It even has a "word for the day" feature to add a new word to your vocabulary everyday.
Todo is an application that can help you keep a close track on all your homework for the day. No more having to check all your notebooks one by one just to see if you have homework for that particular subject, as Todo will keep track of everything for you. This is perhaps one of the most useful iPad apps for going back to school.

Are you a virtual learner? If you learn better with pictures, then Cooloris is definitely an application that you should download. You can search practically any topic that your teacher is talking about and view large pictures of it to make it easier for you to understand.

Looking for iPad apps to help you study? If so, then you should get the application Mental Case Flashcards. For a lot of people, studying for a test is so much easier with the use of flashcards. With this app, you can download pre-made flashcards online about any subject to make studying a whole lot easier and fun.
If you need to read a classic novel for your literature class but you don't want to have to go to a bookstore to buy it, then you can use Stanza. This application has a database of over 50,000 books. Instead of having to carry too many books, all you need is your iPad and Stanza, and you can start reading what you are asked to.
Wikipanion is an application that gives you fast and easy access to Wikipedia. If you want to read a summarized account of a certain topic, then you can use this application to do so. Just be sure to check for sources to ensure its legitimacy.

Whatever your learning needs are, there is sure to be an iPad application for it.

Contribution of Android Apps in Education

Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand. (Chinese Proverb) That is exactly what Android apps for education are doing.

There is more to Android than Angry Birds. Whether you are a student or someone just seeking self-improvement, plenty of android apps are available to enhance your skills and knowledge base. Technology has tremendous application in education and technological advancements have considerably changed the way education is disseminated. Computers and digital note taking devices are fast replacing traditional text books. Virtual classrooms have started replacing brick and mortar structures that we used to call schools.

The latest trend to revolutionize education is app development. Apps or applications are computer based software programs decided to perform certain tasks. For instance, the Android app called Algebra Tutor makes learning algebra faster and easier by giving step-by-step instructions.

All operating systems have apps designed for them. There are apps for Windows, iOS and Android. What makes these apps all the more popular is the ubiquitous nature of Android phones. Millions of them ship each month. The best part of using these apps for education is that they are highly cost effective. Many apps are available for free download. You can access these apps on all smartphones and tablets running Android. If students use these apps for educational purposes, they can even eliminate the need for text books and private tutors. They can access ebooks on their tablets and smartphones. It will reduce the cost of education and save trees.

Nowadays many schools and educational institutions have made Android apps an integral part of the teaching system. Because of their multimedia nature these apps allow students to learn new concepts pretty easily. For instance, an Android app like the Flash Card Maker Pro can teach young kids' skills like reading and elementary math. With its advanced gesturing and text-to-speech capabilities it provides a fully interactive experience for students of all ages.

Digital apps make use of all pathways of learning simultaneously in order to enhance memory and learning. They make learning faster and more convenient. What's more, students can move to the next level of learning without having to wait for assistance from a teacher or parent.

So what are the right apps for your unique education needs? Well, Android app developers are the right people to answer that question. They can advise you what apps you need and how you can install them.

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The Best Learning Forex Center Today

Don't let yourself left behind information of current forex trading in the world. The trusted sources are needed to provide either information or practical strategies on how to be expert forex trader. Only a few of learning centers allow you to access rich information on forex, even you won't be spider and outsider who always spy this trading. Foreign exchange is sometimes challenging, but interesting one. It may be so hard to understand how forex works every day, but it will be interesting because you have more opportunities to earn passive income from forex business.

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Not merely to the courses, iForex is reliable in providing forex news every day. It is important not only to ensure that you have more valuable information on entering into forex trading, but also how to take more accurate estimation in forex analysis. It is simple to join with this organization. You just fulfill a blank form in the right bar of the site, and get comprehensive data on forex every time. You will be instructed on how to be outsider trading as if you are insider trading. Daily analysis by their expert team is also available to pursue your success in forex. So it is time to take further action through becoming one part of iForex.